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We're saving our Fedcakes!

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Save Numb3rs and the Fedcakes!
Welcome to saveN3Central! This is a place where Numb3rs fans can meet and organize their efforts to save our beloved show. With the eppesode order for this season being reduced to 16, cancellation may be following shortly behind.

Here's a place to get addresses to write to (paper means more, according to Rob Morrow), and info on who to write to, and what to write. It's a place to offer suggestion, coordinate efforts, and to disporove CBS's implied belief that we're apathetic about our little midseason replacement that could.

Invite every fan you know! Campaigns have worked for shows with ratings much lower than ours, and even if you haven't been involved in the fandom before, we welcome everyone to show their love for our Fedcakes.