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Save Numb3rs Central

We're saving our Fedcakes!

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Exciting news!
me 2011
jlm110108 wrote in saven3central
Ausiello posted some encouraging news from Nina Tassler at CBS:


"Numb3rs is “absolutely still in consideration” for next year. The show’s order was cut this season simply to make way for new midseason drama Miami Medical."

It's not the best news in the world, but, as Cheryl Heuton tweeted a little while ago, "We're not dead yet!"


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So er... if we keep sending letters, we might stand a chance, right? *crosses fingers* This IS encouraging news.

I was really excited to read this, particularly since yesterday the fandom seemed to think the show was dead forever.

I love being right. haha. *kidding*

This is definitely great news for us and a chance for us to really show that we love Numb3rs too. Definitely think the more they hear about the show from fans, the more we look at IMDb, etc... the better the chance of at least another season, even if it is a shortened one.

Candi, I have to admit I was one of those who thought the show was dead forever. Boy, do I love being wrong!


PS, CBS has a Numb3rs Community, including a discussion forum: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/numb3rs/

Well, I'm a stubborn optimist... either that or in 100%, full-on, bold-faced denial. haha. I'm just happy that my denial is justified for now. :)

This is the first encouraging news in a while. Everyone was getting so negative; it's nice to see some positivity injected!

Best news ever! I'm going to keep writing and signing and watching and everything I can to get season 7. Please do the same!

I really needed this today. I just read this morning that CBS was planning on promoting the new Miami Medical to the best of their ability. I admit to being extremely angry at that, because I don't think they promoted Numb3rs, at all. Here's hoping we can change the outlook of the next season.

So true--they never promote Numb3rs near as much as some other series.

Best news I've heard about the show in a long time. *crosses fingers that we get that season seven* Plans to keep watching the show and doing everything she can to make that happen.

Yay! There was no news, and usually in tvland that means the worst is true--and very few shows ever get cut like this and have a chance at coming back.

So seriously best news since last year's renewal. *relieved*

*preps more letters for CBS*

I'm with Candi on this one, always been a 'glass half full' gal, so I've never lost hope (plus, I love a good old set-to, me, probably why I love my Krav Maga and Aikido so bloody much...)

This is the point where we turn the heat up, guys. From now until April/May, we need to bombard Nina Tassler with letters/postcards and keep the focus very much on the importance of Numb3rs; not just because it's a unique, innovative show, but also because it actively encourages the promotion of maths and science (you wouldn't believe how many professors and teachers of mathematics have signed the petition!) The American Math Society are set to debate Numb3rs this month (according to one of my contacts), so having the scientific community on board will all add fuel to the fire. In the meantime, keep writing the letters, sending postcards, supporting the campaign across the internet and sign the petition. I was going to close the petition in February, but I have now decided to let it run on until the beginning of April. It's all about timing - Nina Tassler will be receiving a hard-copy of the thousands of signatures already on the list (and hopefully a few thousand more), so she'll be able to see for herself some of the comments that people have added. If we time it right, we could make sure the campaign hits full flow just about the time they start debating the shows future. The ratings boost for the last episode (up 2 million - way to go, America!) can only help, and the IMDb rating is up. That glass is definately looking half full to me...

Yippee! Hurray! I've already written letters and I will write more!

Oh, Valentines day is coming up--valentines for my favorite show would be good to send to Nina Tassler.

Fantastic news! Feeling hopeful :)

This is encouraging news, but I guess I'm a cynic. I can't help but feel that Nina Tassler is just trying to placate us in saying that Numb3rs was only cut back to make room for a new show. So I'll be petitioning and protesting and writing in even stronger now and hopefully we will all let her know what we are NOT going away.

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